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Functional Cranial Release

Toronto, ON

" Structure always precedes function. Correct the structural alignment first and function will automatically return to a state of balance 

                            - Dr. John Filo

A natural treatment for chronic ENT type conditions like  Vertigo,  TMJ Disorder,  Sinusitis,  Migraine Headaches,  Tinnitus,  Sleep Apnea, Deviated Septum and much more...

Think about this for a moment,  your body is made up of 100 trillion cells that are all working together and regenerating countless times a second.  The breakfast you ate this morning is being digested, transported and reorganized into skin, heart and muscle cells all the while your temperature, blood pressure and heart rate are constantly regulated.   The intelligence that runs the body is second to none.   It's priority is maintaining balance and efficiency - and its all run by the master control system - the brain and spinal cord.  This is not an opinion.  Its a scientific fact. 

This is nothing new by the way.  The old vedic traditions of the east that date back over 6000 years acknowledged - first and foremost - the self healing properties of the body.  When faced with sickness and illness, the question they asked was " what is getting in the way ? "   What is preventing the body from returning to a state of balance and health ?

I prescribe by the same vitalistic principles.   Restoring health is less about trying to fix a 'broken' part and more to do with removing the 'interference' in the system.  When it comes to neuro-physiological conditions of the ears, eyes, nose, throat (EENT) which extends to breathing, balance, and immune function, the first place to look for interference is in the cranium and spinal column.  Why?  Because they house the brain and spinal cord - the function of which is determined by its structural integrity.  If the spokes of a wheel are not aligned, would the wheel function properly ?  Obviously not.  Structure determines how something moves, how it operates, how it functions.   The cranium or skull is made up of various bones [ see video below ] that expand and contract at the joints (sutures) with each breath.  This acts as a pump mechanism to circulate cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the brain and spinal cord - referred to as the cranial-sacral rhythm.   CSF bathes the brain and nervous system providing nutrients - especially oxygen uptake - to all the neural cells. 

Chronic cranial misalignments cause abnormal cranial-sacral rhythm.  This leads to poor CSF flow and inadequate fuel and nutrient delivery to the brain.  Subsequently, the ability of the brain and nervous system to communicate with the cells of the body is compromised. Since the nervous system provides the power source to each and every cell, this translates to a decreased rate of cellular regeneration.  Poor regeneration leads to poor function and this is the stage when symptoms are recurrent and frequent.  Ongoing migraine headaches, chronic sinus infections, restricted nasal breathing, sleep apnea, grinding and clicking of the jaw, ringing or pressure in the ears.  Are you starting to see how it's all connected ?  Everything has a cause and effect.  Symptoms are the effect.  They are the body's way of telling you the system is under strain.  Remember, pain is the message, not the problem.  


Functional Cranial Release (FCR) was developed as a procedure to correct chronic cranial misalignment. The procedure is specifically designed to correct internal cranial misalignments of the ethmoid, spheniod, septum and maxillary bones.  FCR addresses the cause, not the symptoms.  Our focus is to diagnose the cause, remove the interference and allow the normal cranial-sacral rhythm to be restored.  Structure = Function.  The body can begin the healing process only when structure is restored. 

Click here to find out more about this pioneer procedure.   Watch the short anatomy video below to get a better understanding of the structures of the cranium.  

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